Separation Modules PVM

Our pneumatic separation modules are available in various sizes. They are ideal elements for stopping and separating parts of all kinds on support rails, vertical conveyors and conveyor belts.

PVM 0A | 1A | 2A | 3* | 4*

The two square piston rods are mechanically interlocked so that a reverse movement can only take place if both rods are at the front in the starting position.

A 5/2-way valve is sufficient to control it.

The housing is machined from aluminum. The piston rods are made of steel.

The determination of the position of the piston rod is done without making contact. The alignment of the threaded bores in the piston rod for mounting an adapter is freely selectable

Special seals and integrated damping allow very high cycle counts of more than 20 million cycles.

* Special design not in stock

PVM 0A | 1A | 2A | 3 | 4
Vereinzelungsmodul PVM 0A
Separation Module PVM 0A
Vereinzelungsmodul PVM 1A
Separation Module PVM 1A
Vereinzelungsmodul PVM 2A
Separation Module PVM 2A
Vereinzelungsmodul PVM 3
Separation Module PVM 3
Vereinzelungsmodul PVM 4
Separation Module PVM 4